Accommodating Travelers with New Facilities Upgrades

Along major highways all around the world, there is one constant thing that businesses try to achieve. The power to pull people into their store and perhaps make them forget that they are in a hurry to get where they are going. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to give them something that not all businesses can give them. Have you figured out yet how much accommodating travelers with new facility upgrades can help?

Same Ole, Same Ole

Tiki Bar OpenWhen you think about a truck stop or a convenience store, you probably picture something basic. The same is true for bar and grills or any other type of business. Convenience stores offer basic necessities and grills offer fast, but warm foods. They all have bathrooms, and some have showers, but none of them really have anything that stands out. They aren’t noteworthy, special, or different from the business next door. In order to pull people away from another business, you have to make yours different. You can easily do this by offering more features for them to enjoy.

The Customer Comes First

Customers Come FirstWhen customers stop, many of them are in a hurry to get where they are going. They may stop, use the restroom, get a drink, a bite of food, and leave. This is not something that will benefit your business. Instead, when they walk in to your business, you should show them that you have more to offer. A place to relax with comfortable chairs and a hot meal will impress most people enough to make them want to stay a while. If you have a place for people, other than truckers, to change clothes and freshen up, you will also entice them since most of the time, even with an air-conditioned vehicle, people still end up getting sweaty. If you have changing rooms with shower stalls, you can check out Pro Shower Source’s light up shower head guide to find a shower head that will entice customers to want to shower. Even their children will enjoy the light show while they are showering, and parents will love having a place to clean up a toddler that spilled their drink or finger painted with chocolate before reaching grandma’s house.

The Need Explained

Become Memorable

By giving them these things, you will be able to convince people to stop again at a future time. Even if they do not spend a lot on their first trip through, they will keep your business in mind for future trips. In most cases, a traveler is in a hurry to get where they are going. If you can slow them down and give them something to enjoy you will be able to slow them down. Whether it is to look at merchandise or relax in a quick shower; you can make people slow down. When they slow down, you earn more money and increase the chances of having them return on their trip home. It also gives them a place to relax and unwind, so that everyone will win.

Our Effort to Be an Eco Friendly Restaurant

Our restaurant bar and grill is often filled with people. We have everything from good ole country folks to businessmen in suit and ties during lunch and families of all sizes visit us in the evening. Needless to say, we stay busy all day long on most days. It also means that our cooks keep cooking, a sink washers keep washing, our cleaners keep cleaning, and our toilets keep flushing from the time we open our doors, until we lock them up in the evening. It is great for business, but not so great for our monthly bills. Between our power bill and water bill, we spend a small fortune to stay up and running. That is why we are now putting more effort into becoming an Eco-friendly restaurant. This will make it cheaper for us and better for our guests.OccupiedVacant

Why We Want to Change

Some of our frequent visitors have questioned why we are remodeling so many different aspects of our restaurant. Most feel that we are trying to look more appealing so that we can raise the prices. They are shocked when we tell them that we are going green. However, shocked becomes impressed when we talk to them and explain to them that as a restaurant, we have a lot of waste on a daily basis. Food items get tossed out, which increases trash, lights are on from before opening time until after closing time, which wastes power when combined with the fact that our air conditioners and heat run constantly with people walking in and out our door, and how we waste water steadily. We explain that we want to be eco-friendlier; not in an attempt to gain money, but in an attempt to make our work environment better for the environment.

Are We Becoming Eco-friendlier?

GreenWorksOur efforts at going green are paying off quite well. We still have a fair amount of waste, but we are cutting back on the water we use. The reason for this is because we did our research and discovered the best flushing toilet. We installed them and within the first month, noticed a drastic decrease in the amount of water that we were using and the amount of cleaning that our cleaning crew had to do. From there, we have put other things into place in other areas and we have discovered how easy it is to use less of all the resources we were using in the past.

How We Became Greener

WeRecycleIt hasn’t been easy to become eco-friendly. However, we have told other businesses how we have worked toward it so far. Many other restaurants in our area are also trying to make the change. It protects the world we live in. We started out by changing our light fixtures. LED lighting is brighter and saves money on power, which saves valuable resources that we would normally waste. We installed sink faucets with restrictors in it so that they would not waste water, we also ensure that there are no leaks anywhere within our water pipes or faucets. The toilets were our biggest success though. By choosing a toilet that uses a lower GPF (gallons per flush) amount, we hit the jackpot on water conservation. As an added bonus, it is pressurized so that they are easier to keep clean. Our water bill has dropped enough to make it worth it to spend the extra money in our bathrooms and we tell other places of business that it could work the same way for them.


Our New Bathrooms!

In an effort to make our customers happier, we have begun making a few changes in our restaurant. Our changes will only take a few days and we will remain open and happy to serve you through it all. We just hope that you are a little understanding during this time. In the end, we feel that you will discover it was worth the extra efforts.

What We Are Planning

KohlerSinksAs a part of our efforts, we have decided to make our bathrooms a little more comfortable for our visitors. We have installed the best possible amenities we could inside of these rooms to make them more enjoyable for those who need to visit the Lady’s or Men’s room while they are with us. To do this, we have put into place new Kohler faucets at every sink, there are brand new toilets, new soap dispensers, toilet paper holders and more. We are updating the entire look of our bathroom. This means no more unnecessary noises, the toilet will not feel wobbly when you sit on it, and it will be easier to keep everything sanitized so that you feel clean when you walk out to join your family and friends in our dining area.
Along with our facilities being upgraded, we are also adding a little decor some fresh paint to the bathrooms. The whole bathroom is going to feel the changes because we want to give our guests a bathroom that is as relaxing as our restaurant. Our biggest hope is that you appreciate our efforts when we are finished and that you are willing to bear a little noise to enjoy our company.Customers Come First

Our Customers Come First

If you are not comfortable during the renovations, we will try and do other things to make you more at ease. For instance, if we place you in a seat that is too close to the restrooms and you do not like the noise coming from inside, we will do our best to help you move to another, quieter area. If you need to venture into the restroom to wash up and you do not want to venture into the restroom that isn’t for your gender, we will try to help you through it. We will also promise to continue to provide you with the quality of service that you have come to expect from us. The fact that there are renovations going on will not hinder you grabbing a quick lunch or being able to enjoy a date night without your children.

We built this restaurant so that everyone would have a place they could enjoy dining at. Our goal has not changed. We are here to listen to you because our customers come first. That is what made us decide that now was the time for renovations in the first place. With the help of the best Crystal River, FL Plumber we will do our best to get everything taken care of as quickly as possible. After that, we simply ask for your patience and we definitely want to hear whether you feel it was worth the effort or not.

Wild Game Special

wildboarspecial-300x300In all businesses, customer satisfaction is at the top of the list of things that matter most. That is why we chose to be a restaurant that offered more to our customers. We did the research, we asked our customers what they wanted, and at the end of the day the main thing they wanted was true country cooking. It has taken a lot of effort and even more research, but the result became our menu’s outstanding amount of wild game and people come from all over to sample our Wild Game Specials.

Why Wild Game?

There are a lot of people who hunt for their food. They enjoy the hunt and they enjoy the way their meat tastes with a hint of “wild” to it. However, there are other people who are not skilled at hunting. They use to have to wait on others to bring them meat that had been caught in the great outdoors. This meant they would have to go months or years without their favorite meal. We changed all of that. Now, people can come to us and eat the foods they enjoy the most. Our first task, though was to find a true hunter that would be willing to sell their catch to us.

We Scored Big “Bucks”

Our customers loved what we were trying to do when we began talking about the possibility of wild game food options. The task ahead of us then included finding a skilled hunter or two to help supply us with the meats that were available during certain seasons. Not everyone has the ability to go out and catch wild hogs or deer.


Finding the right hunter was not an easy task and it did not take us long to see why other restaurants do not offer it as a menu option. We interviewed many people who claimed to be hunters, and a lot of them seemed to simply want a check for killing their friends hog or something. Eventually, though, we did succeed. We found a few men who used only quality guns. Their gun had a long range rifle scope on it and they knew where to go to catch anything we wanted to serve on our menu.

How They Do It?

We were curious about how they could pull off catching these beautiful creatures. For me, it was almost like they knew which animals would taste the best and they would provide us with enough meat to serve the entire area for a week at a time after a single hunting trip. All of our hunters say they had done their research too. They knew that they had found the best rifle scope for AR 15 and used only bullets that would get the job done. They used the long range scopes and powerful bullets because it would allow them to not spook the animal they were hunting. It seems that by not spooking the animal or simply causing injury, the meat would taste better. Regardless of what causes their meats to taste great, we are glad that they are here to help us get the food we need to make our customers happy. The Wild Game Special is always a hit and it is well worth the effort.

Book Your Wedding at Firefly Woodfire Grill

Choose Something You Both Enjoy

If your partner in life wants a Star Trek themed wedding, but you hate Star Trek, would you want to have a million photos of your wedding with you dressed up as a character from it? The same could be said if you prefer a vintage style wedding and your partner wants a modern wedding with a lot of black and red in the color scheme. The key is to find a theme that you both can agree on and one of the most important questions to ask wedding photographer if they can handle that. That way, when you share your wedding photos with your future children and grandchildren, you will both be happy with the images you see captured forever on film.

Choose a Theme that Matches the Season

You do not necessarily have to launch fireworks in your backyard to have a summer wedding, but you may want to consider having your guests and bridal party wear clothing that is more suitable to that season. Some truly unique ideas may include a spring wedding where “rainy weather” is the theme. That way, if it does rain, your bridesmaids and guests will already be wearing their rain boots. Christmas or frosty themes are a great way to celebrate a wintery wedding much the same as creating a warmer theme. When you choose to have a theme that is perfect for the season of your wedding, you free yourself up to a lot of really cool ideas. In some cases, it may also make finding flowers easier as well if you base your theme on the season and which flowers are grown during it.

How Big Is Your Dream Wedding?

Hosting a wedding with 500 people, may be a little difficult in a small backyard area. The same can be said about renting a massive sized church if you only want a few people there to celebrate your special day. Ask yourself how much room and people do you really need with you on that day and then find a location and a theme that will work for your particular needs. If you are set on having a big wedding party, then find the place that will accommodate you and build your theme around what is already available at that location but be sure to hire the best wedding photographers money can buy. This will take a lot of the guess work about affordability out of the mix because you will not be spending more on things you will have no need for.

When trying to discover a theme for your wedding, finding the best wedding theme ideas for your ceremony may be a little complicated. However, in the end, if you are not impressed with the traditional white wedding with little splashes of color, putting in the effort will be worth it. It is, after all, a day that should be devoted to the things that make you and your partner happy and be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved in it. Later on in life, you and all of those you love, will have fond memories of your special day. That is all that a wedding should be.

Welcome to the Firefly Woodfire Grill & Bar…

Firefly-281x300“Wood fired and inspired” are the catch words at the Firefly Woodfire Grill and Bar in historic Falmouth Village. Our seasonal menus created by chef/owners Kevin Dell’Arciprete and Neil Lindenmayer feature creative contemporary American cuisine and classic comfort food favorites in a warm and casual upscale atmosphere.

From our signature grill, enjoy fresh local seafood and choice meats cooked over a live hard wood fire. The beach stone oven, visible in our open kitchen, features thin crust gourmet pizzas, extensive vegetarian offerings and traditional Cape Cod seafood favorites. We feature full bar service, assorted micro-brewed beers and an extensive wine list for your enjoyment.

We’re open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Al Fresco sidewalk dining available during the summer months. For great food and attentive service, let us provide you with a truly memorable dining experience.

Public parking is available directly across the street and private parking is available behind the restaurant. Firefly offers access from both locations.