Book Your Wedding at Firefly Woodfire Grill

Choose Something You Both Enjoy

If your partner in life wants a Star Trek themed wedding, but you hate Star Trek, would you want to have a million photos of your wedding with you dressed up as a character from it? The same could be said if you prefer a vintage style wedding and your partner wants a modern wedding with a lot of black and red in the color scheme. The key is to find a theme that you both can agree on and one of the most important questions to ask wedding photographer if they can handle that. That way, when you share your wedding photos with your future children and grandchildren, you will both be happy with the images you see captured forever on film.

Choose a Theme that Matches the Season

You do not necessarily have to launch fireworks in your backyard to have a summer wedding, but you may want to consider having your guests and bridal party wear clothing that is more suitable to that season. Some truly unique ideas may include a spring wedding where “rainy weather” is the theme. That way, if it does rain, your bridesmaids and guests will already be wearing their rain boots. Christmas or frosty themes are a great way to celebrate a wintery wedding much the same as creating a warmer theme. When you choose to have a theme that is perfect for the season of your wedding, you free yourself up to a lot of really cool ideas. In some cases, it may also make finding flowers easier as well if you base your theme on the season and which flowers are grown during it.

How Big Is Your Dream Wedding?

Hosting a wedding with 500 people, may be a little difficult in a small backyard area. The same can be said about renting a massive sized church if you only want a few people there to celebrate your special day. Ask yourself how much room and people do you really need with you on that day and then find a location and a theme that will work for your particular needs. If you are set on having a big wedding party, then find the place that will accommodate you and build your theme around what is already available at that location but be sure to hire the best wedding photographers money can buy. This will take a lot of the guess work about affordability out of the mix because you will not be spending more on things you will have no need for.

When trying to discover a theme for your wedding, finding the best wedding theme ideas for your ceremony may be a little complicated. However, in the end, if you are not impressed with the traditional white wedding with little splashes of color, putting in the effort will be worth it. It is, after all, a day that should be devoted to the things that make you and your partner happy and be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved in it. Later on in life, you and all of those you love, will have fond memories of your special day. That is all that a wedding should be.