Wild Game Special

wildboarspecial-300x300In all businesses, customer satisfaction is at the top of the list of things that matter most. That is why we chose to be a restaurant that offered more to our customers. We did the research, we asked our customers what they wanted, and at the end of the day the main thing they wanted was true country cooking. It has taken a lot of effort and even more research, but the result became our menu’s outstanding amount of wild game and people come from all over to sample our Wild Game Specials.

Why Wild Game?

There are a lot of people who hunt for their food. They enjoy the hunt and they enjoy the way their meat tastes with a hint of “wild” to it. However, there are other people who are not skilled at hunting. They use to have to wait on others to bring them meat that had been caught in the great outdoors. This meant they would have to go months or years without their favorite meal. We changed all of that. Now, people can come to us and eat the foods they enjoy the most. Our first task, though was to find a true hunter that would be willing to sell their catch to us.

We Scored Big “Bucks”

Our customers loved what we were trying to do when we began talking about the possibility of wild game food options. The task ahead of us then included finding a skilled hunter or two to help supply us with the meats that were available during certain seasons. Not everyone has the ability to go out and catch wild hogs or deer.


Finding the right hunter was not an easy task and it did not take us long to see why other restaurants do not offer it as a menu option. We interviewed many people who claimed to be hunters, and a lot of them seemed to simply want a check for killing their friends hog or something. Eventually, though, we did succeed. We found a few men who used only quality guns. Their gun had a long range rifle scope on it and they knew where to go to catch anything we wanted to serve on our menu.

How They Do It?

We were curious about how they could pull off catching these beautiful creatures. For me, it was almost like they knew which animals would taste the best and they would provide us with enough meat to serve the entire area for a week at a time after a single hunting trip. All of our hunters say they had done their research too. They knew that they had found the best rifle scope for AR 15 and used only bullets that would get the job done. They used the long range scopes and powerful bullets because it would allow them to not spook the animal they were hunting. It seems that by not spooking the animal or simply causing injury, the meat would taste better. Regardless of what causes their meats to taste great, we are glad that they are here to help us get the food we need to make our customers happy. The Wild Game Special is always a hit and it is well worth the effort.